I want to know

how AI will control our lives.
And it’s not about optimizing battery life.

In recent years, advances in computer science have yielded algorithms so powerful that their creators have presented them as tools that can help us make decisions more efficiently and impartially. But the idea that algorithms are unbiased is a fantasy.

AI applications urgently need Terms Of Services in all languages plain enough that a 3rd grader can comprehend it.

Sigal Samuel (@SigalSamuel on Twitter) talks about 10 crucial demands on tech companies.

01 Transparency
We have the right to know when an algorithm is making a decision about us, which factors are being considered by the algorithm, and how those factors are being weighted.

02 Explanation
We have the right to be given explanations about how algorithms affect us in a specific situation, and these explanations should be clear enough that the average person will be able to understand them.

03 Consent
We have the right to give or refuse consent for any AI application that has a material impact on our lives or uses sensitive data, such as biometric data.

04 Freedom from bias
We have the right to evidence showing that algorithms have been tested for bias related to race, gender, and other protected characteristics — before they’re rolled out. The algorithms must meet standards of fairness and nondiscrimination and ensure just outcomes.

05 Feedback mechanism
We have the right to exert some degree of control over the way algorithms work.

06 Portability
We have the right to easily transfer all our data from one provider to another.

07 Redress
We have the right to seek redress if we believe an algorithmic system has unfairly penalized or harmed us.

08 Algorithmic literacy
We have the right to free educational resources about algorithmic systems.

09 Independent oversight
We have the right to expect that an independent oversight body will be appointed to conduct retrospective reviews of algorithmic systems gone wrong. The results of these investigations should be made public.

10 Federal and global governance
We have the right to robust federal and global governance structures with human rights at their center. Algorithmic systems don’t stop at national borders, and they are increasingly used to decide who gets to cross borders, making international governance crucial.

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10 things we should demand from big tech

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