The creeping infiltration

In some way Microsoft is better than
Apple on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices.

I read this article from Roland Waddilove

Task lists

and it inspired me to dive a bit deeper into software products of the two tech giants Apple and Microsoft. You should know that I’m a Windows power user since the very first Windows version (it was 33 years ago) and a great fan of Apple’s iOS devices.

After miserably failing in the smartphone market with Windows 10 Microsoft now develops premium apps for iOS and Android as there are

One Drive

and some more.

Apple, a closed ecosystem?
Not at all.

If you’re still convinced that Windows with millions of powerful apps is the better environment to be productive then you can easily bring the best software products of two companies together and let them sync everything you need access to in two or even three worlds.

It’s iOS, iPadOS and Microsoft’s unbeatable Office Suite, Outlook, To-Do, and the awesome OneDrive cloud integration.

So there is no good reason to stay solely in Apple’s ecosystem although it’s near to perfectness. But imho Microsoft offers the better apps and the file format of Office documents is a de-facto Standard all over the world.

The problem for 3rd parties will be that they are not so deeply integrated in iOS than Apple’s apps. It would also be a great move to allow iOS backups sent to OneDrive instead of iCloud.

But at the end of the day the quality of Microsoft’s software for pros outweighs this disadvantage. And they are getting better and better. And there’s a very powerful support you can contact directly via Get Support and Suggest a Feature. And wow, you’ll always get an individual answer.

My opinion.

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