Titan mutated to Gnome

That logo doesn't fit into a steering wheel.Apple has laid off hundreds of employees who were working on project "Titan" which allegedly should bring the next big thing to the market, an  Car.Now under the leadership of Bob Mansfield,Apple has transitioned to building an autonomous driving system rather than a full car.That's what I … Continue reading Titan mutated to Gnome

No Apple Car

Many publishing media predict a car made/designed/developed by Apple. But nowadays it seems to be clear that even Apple isn't able to stem this complex challenge. Jonny Evans on applemust.com ... "The latest report to emerge from Mark Gurman’s Deep Throat via Bloomberg suggests Apple is letting go of lots of people from its Apple … Continue reading No Apple Car

It takes some time

Cobbler, stick to your trade. Apple Car rollout reportedly delayed until 2021, owing to obstacles in Project Titan. Well, it needs more than just some innovative ideas to bring a car successfully to the market. So if you've got your eye on a new Mustang, Model S, or Porsche go ahead and pull the trigger. … Continue reading It takes some time