The creeping infiltration

In some way Microsoft is better than Apple on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices. I read this article from Roland Waddilove Task lists and it inspired me to dive a bit deeper into software products of the two tech giants Apple and Microsoft. You should know that I’m a Windows power user since the very … Continue reading The creeping infiltration

Hey Google! Hey Microsoft!

What’s your take on “What happens on my work desk, stays on my work desk”. I think the only thing that everyone can agree with is that this coconut should stay on my work desk. It’s healthy. OMG, I’m still royally pissed. I can’t forget this Apple ad at the CES 2019. It was a … Continue reading Hey Google! Hey Microsoft!

I want to know

how AI will control our lives. And it's not about optimizing battery life. In recent years, advances in computer science have yielded algorithms so powerful that their creators have presented them as tools that can help us make decisions more efficiently and impartially. But the idea that algorithms are unbiased is a fantasy. AI applications … Continue reading I want to know