Tap Zapp Software Inc.

The strong benefit of a database is the synopsis of otherwise widely spread information. Apple's App Store offers a lot of apps suitable for productive operations but all the information saved by these apps is cut into pieces and saved in app-specific folders. Database management tools manage all the different types of information in just … Continue reading Tap Zapp Software Inc.

Fragmentation? Tap Forms.

It's not the fragmentation of operating systems for mobile devices I want to talk about. It's the fragmentation of information. In computer storage, fragmentation is a phenomenon in which storage space is used inefficiently, reducing capacity or performance and often both. The exact consequences of fragmentation depend on the specific system of storage allocation in … Continue reading Fragmentation? Tap Forms.

Go Paperless with Tap Forms

My last blog post was about going paperless with a document keeping app. This post is about a much more powerful solution using a database app. About databases ... It's out of question that databases on mobiles are the most efficient way to manage large amount of data. The strong benefit of a database is … Continue reading Go Paperless with Tap Forms