I didn’t know the name of this tree in our garden in Thailand but it looks so nice so that it was a candidate for the camera of my iPhone 6s Plus. Thanks to Google which app ‘Google’ supports ‘Google Lens’ I got the name of this tree and some additional information which is hopefully … Continue reading Phyllanthaceae

Inspiration got an update

The app Inspiration is for both, creating mind maps and concept maps. What’s the difference? Mind Maps are captured visualizations of fairly independent objects gearing for extensions and loosing much of their relevance for people who weren’t involved in the creation process. The tree limb is just connected to the bole. Concept Maps visualize knowledge … Continue reading Inspiration got an update

The next level

When Apple released its first iPad in 2010, forward-looking universities around the world started research studies on how this device could be integrated into learning and teaching. There are many representatives of the educational system still getting euphoric when it comes to iPads in schools or universities. That is basically positive as it forces all … Continue reading The next level