From Bad to Worse

Apple’s app FILES not worth to use it Add third-party apps to let FILES access my cloud providers? What a strange idea. I can’t define access to cloud storages or computers by entering my credentials. Also not supported is WebDAV. Note In 1995, Microsoft first released „NewShell“ which replaced the Windows 3 file manager with … Continue reading From Bad to Worse

Out of memory

If your iOS-Device is beginning to run out of memory it's time to look for files, their sizes, and their locations. And it's time to clean up the mess. Can I upgrade the memory of my device? That might be your first question when your device is beginning to get less and less free space. … Continue reading Out of memory

Bridge the gulf, Apple

There are some documents provided by Apple presenting cases of business applications on the iPad, e.g. iPad @ work iPad @ work Volume 2 These e-Books give an overview how iPad features and apps allow you to streamline common daily business tasks. That's the theory. Lets take a look at the reality. Consider the following … Continue reading Bridge the gulf, Apple