Great admirers

Don’t LOVE your iThing just LIKE it. Sadly there are also other very special people leaving their distinctive traces (aka Fanboy DNA) in social networks most often trying to incite one of these useless and boring platform wars, predominantly about the pros and cons of Android and iOS. Here’s just one example: ”Lol brainless samsungfags, … Continue reading Great admirers

Cloud Providers for iOS Devices

There is a rapidly increasing number of Cloud-Providers. You have to decide which fits best. Otherwise your data will be spread over the world and its hard to find out where they are. I checked free accounts of 12 providers and their usability on Apple's iOS-Devices as well as their PC-Client versions since more than … Continue reading Cloud Providers for iOS Devices

Printing from iOS-Devices

When people are evaluating mobile printing solutions, one of the options is to buy a new printer. If you already use a printer (even if it's not AirPrint capable) it cannot receive print jobs from your iOS device. FingerPrint by Collobos addresses this problem. The application finds your printers automatically and makes them available to … Continue reading Printing from iOS-Devices