Microsoft Edge for iOS

Another highlight from Redmond Microsoft’s browser EDGE made for Windows 10 is now available for iOS. And it’s fast, easy to use, and gives a continuous browsing experience from your iPhone to your Windows 10 PC (which in my opinion is still better than a Mac). “Your stuff syncs in the background, allowing you to … Continue reading Microsoft Edge for iOS


These young boys can be called Fanboys, right? Sadly there are other very special people leaving their distinctive traces (aka Fanboy DNA) in social networks most often trying to incite one more of these useless platform wars. More about ... Fanboyism Thanks for reading.

Apples and Droids

Everyone is entitled to create a community on Google+. At the time there are about 50k communities with memberships ranging from 1 to more than 500k. It's obvious that we also see many communities dedicated to the brand Android as well as those dedicated to Apple. This incites platform wars and trolling is a daily … Continue reading Apples and Droids