About the iPhone backup

Important data is saved into various files within the backup folder of a computer when using the software dino iTunes to backup your iThing. Btw, I hate this bloated tool combining the work of DJs with that of users who just want to manage their iOS devices. Developers, isn't it possible for you to give … Continue reading About the iPhone backup

iTunes on an iPad?

Hey Apple. I have an iPhone and I'd like to buy your new iPad Pro ("Pro" stands for "Professional", right?). How can I Restore/Recover/Backup my iPhone with iTunes on an iPad? Thanks for any help.

Poor you!

Parry goes viral If you don't have an iPhone, well, you don't have an iPhone. (Apple's iPhone ad in 2011) But you can (1) easily get Parry's smash hit in the Microsoft Store or (2) take your time to contemplate about the meaning of life Mr Nadella's business philosophy regarding smart phones or (3) wait … Continue reading Poor you!