Fly WebDAV Airlines

Let your data fly with WebDAV Airlines from your iOS device to a cloud storage of your choice. 1 Tap on 'Send a copy' and select a document and the file format. 2 Choose 'WebDAV'. 3 Sign in. 4 Choose a folder to save the document. Tap on '+' and select 'Copy from WebDAV' to … Continue reading Fly WebDAV Airlines

Create, Group, Resize

If you are growing old gracefully, your brain might work well but other parts of your body are doomed to die, e.g. the teeth. The community of heirs, aka family, not only hands down money and tangible assets but also body parts of poor quality. This happened to me also when growing up with the … Continue reading Create, Group, Resize

Visualizing your Success

Some people think that personal success can be measured in bucks, clicks, +1s, or Likes. So I won't be surprised if somebody wants to visualize his personal value with a chart created with Apple's spreadsheet app Numbers for iOS. Here is the tutorial. Step 1 Create a new spreadsheet within Numbers. Step 2 Create a … Continue reading Visualizing your Success