Create, Group, Resize

If you are growing old gracefully, your brain might work well but other parts of your body are doomed to die, e.g. the teeth. The community of heirs, aka family, not only hands down money and tangible assets but also body parts of poor quality. This happened to me also when growing up with the … Continue reading Create, Group, Resize

Creating Collages

People say ... A picture is worth a thousand words. And there is more ... Humans are designed to absorb visualized information in a jiffy and in many cases remember this information much longer than any other stimulation of senses. Create collages on your iPad. It's not only funny but also lets you digest the … Continue reading Creating Collages

Presentation with Keynote

Apple offers it's iWork suite with Keynote (presentations), Numbers (spreadsheets), and Pages (letters) for iOS and OSX for free since October 2013. The iOS versions are perfectly adapted to touch screens and you won't find the 80% features of Microsoft Office which private users don't need. The concept of iWork follows Steve Jobs philosophy of … Continue reading Presentation with Keynote