Posted from 51.06553 7.00345 the location of Minini, my favorite Italian coffee shop after finishing outdoor walks. The app myTracks turns your iPhone into a fully functional GPS logger. Tracks can be displayed on different maps. With the Apple Watch App you can start and stop the GPS recording, add waypoints to highlight important locations, … Continue reading myTracks

There should be an app for that

Here is another comparison between my preferred iPhone and the Lumia I purchased to see what's going on with Microsoft's mobile development (if there is one). Nowadays mobile devices can be located, erased and set into lost mode if they have been registered. Apple offers a pre-installed app (Find my iPhone) whereas Microsoft devices have … Continue reading There should be an app for that

iOS Compass

You iPhone comes with the built-in app Compass which includes a Bubble Level designed by Jonathan Ive. Open the app, swipe left, and move your device around a horizontal or vertical axis to see whether something is thrown out of kilter. Unfortunately the Compass app won't help if you stray from the straight and narrow … Continue reading iOS Compass