TeamViewer Mobile Support

With over 100 million installations (says the company) TeamViewer is a standard tool to give support and assistance to people in remote locations. The application can also be used for presentations. You can show your desktop to an audience. It's even possible to allow interactions from your partner and configure the application for audio and … Continue reading TeamViewer Mobile Support


Sometimes tablets or smartphones have to contact their big brother for downloading files or controlling the machine. There are some apps I already tested which allow access to computers from anywhere and anytime e.g. iTeleport or VNC Viewer. VNC Viewer for example needs an application installed on the computer which initiates a connection from outside … Continue reading TeamViewer

Network (3) Port Forwarding

Parts (1) and (2) of my articles about networks gave you some basic knowledge about networks and discussed the possibility to connect from the LAN to the WAN or in other words from the devices at home to the webservers in the outer world. The reverse way, connecting from WAN to LAN, is basically not … Continue reading Network (3) Port Forwarding