Great admirers

Don’t LOVE your iThing just LIKE it. Sadly there are also other very special people leaving their distinctive traces (aka Fanboy DNA) in social networks most often trying to incite one of these useless and boring platform wars, predominantly about the pros and cons of Android and iOS. Here’s just one example: ”Lol brainless samsungfags, … Continue reading Great admirers

The Apple Logo and the Golden Ratio

Apple is well-known for its love of the so-called golden ratio, an ‘extreme and mean’ mathematical ratio that designers as far back as the third-century B.C. had identified as most likely to lead to harmonious design. The iCloud logo, for example, is designed with the golden ratio in mind and it’s widely believed that the … Continue reading The Apple Logo and the Golden Ratio

The sunset of a great network

The consumer version of Google+ will be discontinued in August 2019. So all communities, collections, posts, comments, and memberships will be deleted. Google has long used the phrase “Don’t be evil” as a company slogan, including it in the founder’s letter for its IPO in 2004, and at the top of its Code of Conduct. … Continue reading The sunset of a great network