Hard Work

It's hard work not only for me (to update our driveway) but also for my iPhone 6s Plus running in a moist environment with temperatures above 35C (95F). I never got the warning “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it” the sensors forward to iOS if an iPhone feels bad. It’s why … Continue reading Hard Work

Right from the orbit

Since two months my new residence is Thailand. So here is Thailand's capital Bangkok as seen from the ISS. But wait, it wasn't me taking the photo with an iPhone 7 Plus. I neither own a 7 Plus nor have I ever been more than 30,000 ft above the surface of our planet. The image … Continue reading Right from the orbit

A really hot workplace

This is my workplace in Khon Kaen, Thailand. A Microsoft Surface Pro4, a WD Elements 1TB hard disc, an iPhone 6S Plus, a Mophie Powerstation for blackouts, and the most important device, a Hatari fan supporting the Surface Pro4 which alone isn't able to carry away the thermal output. Like every technical product the Pro4 … Continue reading A really hot workplace