Inspiration got an update

The app Inspiration is for both, creating mind maps and concept maps. What’s the difference? Mind Maps are captured visualizations of fairly independent objects gearing for extensions and loosing much of their relevance for people who weren’t involved in the creation process. The tree limb is just connected to the bole. Concept Maps visualize knowledge … Continue reading Inspiration got an update

Watts Up

Power to your iThing 🚽 WC is the traditional water closet But talking about this would be off-topic. Lets talk about *W* ireless *C* harging that means bringing Watts up to your iThing after laying it down on a little machine which functional principle was already born about 150 years ago. Without the groundbreaking publication … Continue reading Watts Up

iPhone 8 at a glance

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words so here is a summary of relevant specifications published on iPhone 8 - MacRumors We'll see. Thanks for surfing by.