Mailing fails over WiFi

Given that all settings of your mail accounts are correct it might happen that your iOS device cannot receive or send mails although it connects successfully to the Internet. I experienced this issue today on my iPhone 4S running on iOS 8.4.1 although this update was already installed weeks ago. The following steps solved the … Continue reading Mailing fails over WiFi

AiO Remote by Hewlett Packard

Printing documents seems to be old-fashioned in the modern era of digital communication. But occasionally printouts of documents are necessary. I for example use it for if I have to look on two or more documents to compare the contents which is pretty uncomfortable on an iPad because of the One-Window-Technique. AirPrint Apple is known … Continue reading AiO Remote by Hewlett Packard

Speed Test

Nature with it's electromagnetic waves traveling with the speed of light helps us to retrieve information from the internet pretty fast even if the way data is taking is by far not the shortest possible. Using a link from within an app a website opens after about 3 sec including the opening of Safari browser. … Continue reading Speed Test